A popular Wireless Internet event of California

The conference will examine technology and business issues related to assimilating, developing, deploying and revenue generation potential of Wireless Internet for Data/Telecom applications and Corporate Enterprise applications. The event has been designed for senior technical and business executives to learn about new technologies, to find out about successful current business models being implemented to increase Mobile Internet usage and to discuss the woes and windfalls of wireless technology through case studies.

The conference attracts expert speakers from the entire value chain mobile operators and carriers, researchers, media content companies, telematics, mcommerce, application developers, vendors, portals, consultants, investors and more.

Why should you attend?
  • Over 400 delegates attended in 2001 and 2002 Spring events
  • To listen to 8 keynote addresses from wireless luminaries.
  • To obtain the chance to meet and apprise industry leaders and decision makers
  • Get a snapshot of where the wireless technology is and where is it headed
  • Participate in interactive panel discussions with VCs to get the inside view about the investment scenario
  • To interact and participate with members of the UCLA WINMEC Consortium
  • Above all ample opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the Wireless Industry
So join us at the conference for an excellent opportunity to gather information, find technical and business resources, identify partners and contacts in this dynamic mobile era.

  Advisory Committee Program Committee
Dr. Jeffrey Cole - Anderson Business School, UCLA Dr. Abeer Alwan -USA
Dr. Mario Gerla - Computer Science, UCLA Dr. Rajive Bagrodia -USA
Mr. Ken Hausman - Osprey Ventures, L.P. Dr. Robert Foster -USA
Dr. Uday Karmarkar - Anderson Business Sch., UCLA     Dr. Shuichi Fukuda -Japan
Dr. Leonard Kleinrock - Computer Science Dr. Rajit Gadh -USA
Dr. Al Osborne - Anderson Business School, UCLA Dr. Rajesh Gupta -USA
Dr. Pavel Ikonomov - USA
Dr. William Kaiser - USA
Dr. Songwu Lu - USA
Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj - Stanford, USA
Dr. Arturo Pizano - Siemens Corp. Research, USA
Dr. B. S. Prabhu - USA
Dr. Stefano Soatto - USA
Dr. Mani Srivastava - USA

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Sun Microsystems
Hewlett Packard
Computer Associates
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TCS America
Brobeck - Attorneys at Law
SYCR - Attorneys at Law
Istituto Superiore - Mario Boella
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Satyam Computer Services
University of California - Communications Research Program
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