Henry Samueli Ph.D
CTO & VP Research and Development, Broadcom Corp.
Henry Samueli Broadcom
Dr. Henry Samueli is a co-founder of Broadcom Corporation and has served as Co-Chairman and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) since the company's inception in 1991. As CTO he is responsible for all research and development activities for the company. Dr. Samueli has over 25 years experience in the fields of digital signal processing (DSP) and communications systems engineering. He is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts in the field of broadband communications circuits, having published more than 100 technical papers on the subject. Dr. Samueli also co-founded PairGain Technologies in 1988 and served as Chief Scientist of the company until 1994. He was the principal architect of PairGain's high bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) transceiver. Since 1985, Dr. Samueli has been a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA, where he supervises advanced research programs in DSP and broadband communications circuits. He has been on leave of absence from UCLA since 1995. From 1980-1985, Dr. Samueli held various engineering management positions in the Electronics and Technology Division of TRW, where he was responsible for the hardware development of various military satellite and digital radio communications systems. Dr. Samueli received a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 1975, 1976 and 1980, respectively.
 Sam Arditi
VP, Wireless Communications, Intel Corp.
Sam Arditi Intel
Mr. Arditi is responsible for all Intel Capital investments & portfolio and M&A in the wireless communications area. Arditi joined Intel in November 1999 as part of the DSPC acquisition negotiated by Intel. Prior to joining Intel, Arditi was the CEO and co-founder for CTP Systems, a company specializing in satellite and low-mobility wireless systems
 Tony Perkins
Chairman, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, Red Herring
Tony Perkins Red Herring
Anthony B. Perkins is the chairman and editor in chief of Red Herring Communications. Ranked by Adweek's Technology Marketing magazine as one of the top ten technology/business journalists, Mr. Perkins is an active editorial contributor across all of Red Herring's platforms, writing the magazine's lead editorial, "The Angler" each month and a weekly column for Red Herring Online. In 1999, Mr. Perkins co-authored the international best-selling book, "The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks." In September of 2001, Mr. Perkins released a revised and completely updated edition the book, "The Internet Bubble II: The Inside Story On Why It Burst-And What You Can Do To Profit Now." Mr. Perkins is also an active editorial commentator for national and international media outlets. He regularly appears on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, recently did a segment on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and is a regular on-air commentator for CNN, CNBC, BBC, and Bloomberg television. His public activities include serving as a member of the George W. Bush for President Information Technology Advisory Council, and as founding chairman of the Churchill Club in Palo Alto, California. Mr. Perkins is also a member of the Dean's Advisory Council for the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis. Prior to launching Red Herring Communications in 1993, Mr. Perkins was the founder and CEO of Upside Publishing and was vice president of business development at Silicon Valley Bank.
 Dr. Chris Heegard
CTO, Texas Instruments Wireless Networking
Chris Heegard TI
Dr. Chris Heegard is Chief Technology Officer for the Texas Instruments Wireless Networking and Home Networking Business Units. He co-founded and served as CEO of Alantro Communications, a company specializing in WLAN semiconductor technology, which was acquired by TI in September 2000. Heegard is an IEEE Fellow and co-inventor of PBCC™, the high-performance option to the 802.11b standard. Among his many patents and inventions are several related to the ITU J83.b Digital Video and Cable Modem Standard (IEEE 802.14/DOCSIS).
 Bill Davidson
Vice President of Carrier Relations, QUALCOMM Internet Services
Bill Davidson


Bill Davidson is vice president of carrier relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services (QIS). QIS is the QUALCOMM division chartered with driving development of next-generation wireless data applications and services, and is responsible for developing QUALCOMM's BREWTM (Binary Runtime Environment for WirelessTM) solution, a complete technical and business ecosystem for wireless devices, and QChat, a push-to-talk VoIP technology for 3G CDMA networks. Davidson works closely with wireless service providers throughout the world to establish business opportunities based on QUALCOMM's wireless data technology and service offerings. Davidson leads a seasoned team of wireless industry business and technical professionals who work closely with carriers to initiate and deploy BREW- and QChat-based services. Prior to joining QUALCOMM in 2002, Davidson served as senior vice president of corporate affairs and carrier relations at Aether Systems, where he acted as a liaison between the company and wireless carriers, negotiated network carrier contracts and formed joint marketing agreements. While with Aether Systems, Davidson worked closely with financial and industry analysts, and participated in investor conferences and analyst briefings. Davidson's more than 16 years in the telecommunications industry also included valuable experience at Bell Atlantic Mobile, as vice president of wireless data sales and marketing. An industry veteran, Davidson has also held positions at Bell Atlantic Network Services, GE Capital and New Jersey Bell. Davidson possesses extensive knowledge of cellular digital packet data, gateways, CDMA, TDMA, GSM and landline telephony. He has served as secretary of the board of the Wireless Data Forum and as a member of the Executive Advisory Committee of the Wireless Internet Caucus within the Cellular Telephone Industry Association. In addition to being regularly quoted as an expert in industry publications, Davidson has appeared on CNBC's "The Edge" and "The Weekly Business Report" for PBS.
 Steve Krom
VP Business Marketing & Product Development, Cingular
Steve Krom Cingular
Steve Krom has national responsibility for developing and executing marketing programs to the business segment including Fortune 1000, large/medium corporate and small business customers. In addition, he has national responsibility for development of voice, data and internet products and services for the consumer and business markets.
Krom previously served as Vice President - Wireless Data with national responsibility for Cingular's data services marketing, data services development and internet services management, including; Vice President of Marketing for SBC Wireless, Inc. with national responsibility for product development, product management, wireless data strategy, merchandising and customer communications; and as Vice President of Marketing for SBC's Pacific Bell Wireless operations in Los Angeles, California, the largest wireless market in the country.
Krom began his SBC career in 1995 as Director of Product Marketing in Pleasanton, CA. Before joining the SBC family of companies, Krom directed product marketing for EO, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up company that brought the first wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) into the United States in 1993.
A 1986 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Krom received a bachelor's degree in information services. Krom and his wife Sarah reside in Atlanta, GA.
 Dr. Arunas Slekys
VP Corporate Marketing, Hughes Network Systems
ARUNAS-SLEKYS Hughes Network
Dr. Arunas Slekys is vice president of Corporate Marketing for HNS. In this position he is responsible for development of strategic business relationships on a global basis, and for managing HNS corporate communications and advocacy initiatives.
Previously, Dr. Slekys served as vice president of the Wireless Networks Division at HNS and was responsible for the TDMA networks product line business comprising the AIReachÔ family of cellular mobile, wireless loop, wireless data (CDPD) and wireless office systems.
His long affiliation with the wireless industry began at NovAtel Communications, Ltd. There he served as senior vice president responsible from the company's inception for establishing product research and development and spearheading its success worldwide in the small cellular systems marketplace.
Slekys began his telecommunications career more than 25 years ago at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he worked as a digital communications research engineer, developing deep space network and pulsar tracking systems. He later joined Bell Canada and subsequently Bell Northern Software Research, managing switched-network related systems development and advanced technology programs.
He holds a bachelor of applied science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, a master's degree from the University of Illinois, and a doctorate in computer and communications engineering from UCLA. He is co-author of a founding patent for CDPD (cellular digital packet data) systems and is a frequently published author on wireless communications.
 Rafiul Ahad
Vice President, Mobile Products and Services Division, Oracle Corp
Rafiul Ahad


Rafiul Ahad, Vice President of Development for Oracle's Mobile and Wireless Products, is responsible for mobile architecture and features of the Oracle 9i Application Server. Mr. Ahad joined Oracle Corporation in 1997 as Director of Development and Architecture responsible for the design and development of the Oracle8i Lite product for offline mobile computing. In 1989, Mr. Ahad was at Hewlett-Packard Company where he was responsible for the development of the Odapter and Depot/J products. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland at College Park where he taught graduate level courses in Database Systems, Data Communications, and Management Information Systems and was a systems programmer at the Universities Computer Center in Rangoon, Burma. Mr. Ahad graduated from Rangoon University, Burma, with a BS in Physics in 1973 and an MS in Computer Science in 1975. He also holds a variety of advanced degrees including an MS in Computer Applications from The Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
 Rio Caraeff
VP, Wireless Services, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment
Rio Caraeff Sony Pictures
Rio D. Caraeff is responsible for developing and distributing new mobile specific entertainment applications, games and services featuring Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) properties for current and emerging wireless technologies and platforms. Additionally, Rio will work closely with wireless carriers, device manufacturers and infrastructure providers on a worldwide basis and manage the Wireless Services Group's mobile initiatives.
In his new role, Caraeff will apply a solid business development background centered on technology, telecommunications strategy, financial transactions and emerging business models in music, film, television and gaming. Rio comes to SPDE after resigning his post as managing partner and co-founder of consultancy firm Fabric, whose client list included Sony Pictures Entertainment, Miller Brewing Company, and Music Match.
Prior to founding Fabric, Rio served as vice president of business development and investments at Sony 550 Digital Media Ventures. At 550, Rio was responsible for identifying, evaluating and negotiating acquisitions in the wireless, telecommunications and digital media infrastructure sectors. He also established and secured partnerships with wireless network operators and infrastructure providers, consumer electronics device manufacturers and application middleware developers to facilitate the distribution of Sony content and services worldwide.
Caraeff's past involvement with Sony also includes a position as senior director of new technology business development for Sony Music Entertainment (SME). While at SME, Rio oversaw the identification and evaluation of technology investments, acquisitions and partnerships for the second largest record label group in the world. In addition, developed several online ventures to distribute music and video electronically to consumers.
Previous postings for Caraeff included Capitol Records Group, Propaganda Films/Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Generator Digital Post, and Crunch Media Group.
 Lee Kedrie
Convergence Architect & Corporate Evangelist, Hewlett Packard
Lee-Kedrie HP
Lee Kedrie has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979 and a business owner for 17 years in the Interconnect and consulting industry. Lee joined Hewlett Packard's Network and Service Provider consulting practice in 2001 as a Senior Solution Architect and Corporate Evangelist. He is specialized in the convergence of voice data and multi-media technologies and unified communications to support advanced business processes in a virtual global society. His experience includes networking architecture, infrastructure design, call center design, computer telephony, Internet telephony, unified messaging and wireless communications. His designs incorporate a virtual unified "work anywhere, work anytime, use the "right device" model that changes how a company conducts business, improves their bottom line and improves their employees lifestyles. Lee is an energetic, requested speaker who will entertain you by blending technical field experience and first hand know-how with many years of practical business ownership. His design trademarks are "user of the madness" and "practice what you preach". Lee has served as a Director on the board of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants speaking in the US and Internationally.
 Steven Watts
Principal Consultant, Hewlett Packard
Steven Watts HP
Steven R Watts is responsible for managing executive relationships for higher education and entertainment and media Fortune 100 clients for Hewlett-Packard Consulting. His primary area of focus and subject matter expertise is in developing next generation strategy and technology solutions around the wireless, broadband, and rich media space.
Doug McGowan
General Manager, Service Providers and Mobile Solutions, Hewlett Packard
Doug McGowan HP
Doug McGowan is responsible for the customer transformation program, which engages with large HP customers to help them use emerging Internet technologies and business models to generate new business opportunities. He is also responsible for the HP Cooltown demonstration centers around the world.
As head of customer transformations, McGowan and his team lead customers through an “advanced discovery” process to look for breakthrough opportunities caused by the environmental changes that stem from new technology. This process leads to the development of a custom prototype environment that can be shown to management, other employees and focus groups. Finally, pilot and production projects are defined and implemented.
McGowan has recently completed building the next-generation HP Cooltown demonstration center in Palo Alto. Later this year, he will replicate this facility in Asia and Europe. The purpose of the centers is to demonstrate leading-edge technologies in the areas of mobile computing and advanced information appliances. Additionally, these centers will demonstrate the way these capabilities can transform how people work, commute and play. Attached to each center will be a laboratory to build customized versions of Cooltown for specific industries and customers.
Before moving to current position in 2000, McGowan was responsible for HP Corporate Yahoo! As head of the HP Corporate Yahoo! effort, he was responsible for the HP-Yahoo! alliance and the development, marketing and ongoing enhancement of this information portal solution.
In 1998, Secretary of Commerce William Daley appointed McGowan to the President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption. The committee makes encryption export policy recommendations to the president and other members of the administration. These recommendations played a major role in the recent relaxation of encryption export from the United States.
In 1996, McGowan founded the VerSecure Operation dedicated to finding solutions for the export of strong encryption products. The Operation developed the first technology to be granted a license for broad export of strong encryption on a worldwide basis. In 1993, McGowan moved to California where he became the R&D manager for the Grenoble Networks Division. In this position, McGowan was responsible for building new business opportunities. He began HP’s smart-card initiatives and formed an alliance (The Imagine Card) between HP, Gemplus and Informix.
In 1990, McGowan relocated to Germany where he started a European R&D function responsible for delivering customer-specific products to large companies across Europe.
McGowan joined HP in 1978 where he held a variety of engineering and management positions in the computer business R&D organizations.
McGowan holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in math and physics from the University of Michigan.
 Dr. Leonard Kleinrock
Founder & Chairman, Nomadix Inc.
Dr. Leonard Klienrock Vivendi Universal
Dr. Leonard Kleinrock is considered a father of the Internet, having laid down the basic principles of packet switching a decade before his Host computer at UCLA became the first node ever to connect to the Internet in September 1969. He also serves as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
 Bryan T. Biniak
Executive VP, Business Development
Moviso LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi Universal Net USA)
Bryan Biniak Moviso LLC-Vivendi Universal
Bryan Biniak is Executive VP, Business Development. Moviso LLC -Vivendi Universal Net USA. Prior to joining YourMobile/PWS, acquired in Q4 2001 by Vivendi-Universal, Biniak was the CEO for Taipei-based MusicZone, Inc., a mobile music solutions provider serving telecommunication network and network providers, device manufacturers, and ICPs in greater China, Korea, and Japan.

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